PRESS RELEASE (March/16) Latest Heidenhain control is consistent with the aims of Industry 4.0 Heidenhain will use the MACH show in April to demonstrate the ease with which digital data can be transferred to and from its high-end TNC 640 CNC system for controlling machining centres and mill-turn centres. Functionality enables all participants in a [...]

Rotary Positioning and Measuring to Sub-Micron Accuracy

PRESS RELEASE (23/Feb/2016) Companies building CNC machines incorporating rotary axes would normally need to source and assemble a torque motor, a precision bearing and a high resolution angle encoder. All three items may now be purchased from Heidenhain as a single, compact unit following the company’s introduction of two new modules, designated SRP 5080 and [...]

Low-pressure length gauge avoids marking or deforming delicate surfaces

PRESS RELEASE (23/June/15) Non-contact inspection by laser scanning or other optical systems ensures that delicate components are not damaged while they are being measured; and soft or compressible materials are not deformed. The disadvantage is that non-tactile measuring cannot match the precision of touch probes and photoelectric scanning of linear encoder graduations. To address the [...]

New generation of Touch Probes to be launched

PRESS RELEASE (06/May/15) HEIDENHAIN, which develops and manufactures linear, angle and rotary encoders, digital readouts and numerical controls for demanding positioning applications, will exhibit a new generation of machine tool touch probes for the first time in the UK. Designed for aligning and measuring workpieces, tool setting and detecting cutter wear and breakage, the range [...]

New representation for HEIDENHAIN in Scotland

PRESS RELEASE (06/May/15) HEIDENHAIN (GB), a subsidiary of the German numerical control and encoder manufacturer, has appointed Absolute Machine Tool Services Ltd, 12 Sandalwood Avenue, Motherwell, ML1 5FN as its authorised sales and service distributor in Scotland with effect from April 2015. David McCafferty may be contacted for further information on 07850 764712 and [...]

HEIDENHAIN provides student scholarships in metrology

PRESS RELEASE (06/May/15) At the 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Laser Metrology, Coordinate Measuring Machine and Machine Tool Performance (LAMDAMAP), organised in March this year (2015) by the European Society for Precision Engineering & Nanotechnology (EUSPEN) at the University of Huddersfield, HEIDENHAIN (GB) continued its ongoing support of the event with the provision of [...]

New Touch Probes Combine Infrared and Radio Transmission

PRESS RELEASE (Redraft: 16/Jan/15) Designed for use on machining centres, milling, drilling and boring machines and B-axis lathes with automatic tool change, a new generation of touch probes has been introduced by HEIDENHAIN for aligning and measuring workpieces, tool setting and detecting cutter wear and breakage. The compact probes, which are said to exceed the [...]