Dynamic Efficiency from HEIDENHAIN

Dynamic Efficiency is HEIDENHAIN’s innovative software package for TNC controls, delivering improved cutting quality, reduced machine tool wear and up to 25% higher metal removal rates.

Dynamic Efficiency offers a unique combination of performance-enhancing controller features with time-saving machining strategies.

These include:

  • Troichoidal Milling which gives enhanced material removal rates, with reduced wear on the cutting tool and machine
  • Active Chatter Control which suppresses chatter vibrations to deliver higher metal removal rate without reducing feedrate or spindle speed
  • Adaptive Feed Control which controls the feedrate relative to the spindle power to optimise cycle times.

Used in combination with HEIDENHAIN’s new Dynamic Precision software, which reduces deviations, dampens vibration and ensures maximum accuracy, Dynamic Efficiency delivers significantly enhanced machining performance and cost and efficiency-savings.

To find out more about Dynamic Efficiency and how it can benefit your machining operations, please contact HEIDENHAIN using our contact form or call 01444 238550.

Technical Information:

Dynamic Efficiency Data Sheet