Dynamic Precision

Dynamic Precision from HEIDENHAIN

Dynamic Precision is HEIDENHAIN’s innovative software package for TNC controls. Dynamic Precision reduces deviations, dampens vibration and ensures maximum accuracy according to load and motion resulting in improved machine tool accuracy and faster milling operations.

Dynamic Precision offers a range of complementary controller features to deliver optimum performance and speed.

These include:

  • Cross Talk Compensation to reduce machining time by up to 15%
  • Active Vibration Damping for optimum surface definition and quality
  • Position Adaptive Control,for improved contour accuracy
  • Load Adaptive Control for maximum feed rate according to load
  • Motion Adaptive Control for maximum acceleration according to motion.

Used in combination with HEIDENHAIN’s new Dynamic Efficiency software, which delivers improved cutting quality, reduced machine tool wear and up to 25% higher metal removal rates, Dynamic Precision provides significantly enhanced machining performance and accuracy.

To find out more about Dynamic Precision and how it can benefit your machining operations, please contact HEIDENHAIN using our contact form or call 01444 238550.

Technical Information:

Dynamic Precision Data Sheet