HEIDENHAIN are proud to announce the availability of a new range of higher-resolution LC 1×5 and LC 4×5 linear encoders as part of the rollout of the new LC xx5 generation. The new encoders include the LC 115, LC 415, LC 195 and LC 495 models, and are designed to offer a range of benefits over their LC 1×3 and 4×3 predecessors. These include:

Improved interface compatibility for broader application
The new range supports EnDat 2.2 (up to 16 MHz) and the new interfaces from Fanuc (ai) and Siemens (DRIVE-CLiQ), so offering a broader range of applications. To deliver the greatest flexibility in use, the new encoders are also mechanically compatible with the LC xx3 range.

Higher resolutions across interfaces
The LC 115 and LC 415 models with an accuracy grade of 3um now deliver an improved 1nm resolution, while the range also offers resolutions of 1nm and 10nm for the EnDat and Drive-CLiQ interfaces.

Functional safety versions for single-encoder systems
The new range includes functional safety versions for the EnDat 2.2 (purely serial) interface and the DRIVE-CLiQ interfaces, so that they can be used as single-encoder systems in safety-related applications.

Optimised sealing design for better protection
The LC 115 features an optimised sealing design with two successive pairs of sealing lips to ensure the highest possible protection from contamination.

Reduced height for added compatibility
The LC 4×5 scanning unit height has been reduced to ensure compatibility with the LS 400 series.

Improved identification for servicing
In another HEIDENHAIN innovation, the ID labels of the LC xx5 series are now lasered on to the scale housing. This prevents the label peeling off and enables easier identification of the encoder model for servicing.

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