Machine Tool Controls

From the simple and compact TNC 320 to the sophisticated TNC 640, there’s a HEIDENHAIN machine tool control for any application.

HEIDENHAIN TNC and CNC controls are powerful, user friendly and upwardly compatible. They are prepared for the future and ideal for automated production.

TNC contouring controls from HEIDENHAIN have been in daily use on milling, drilling and boring machines and machining centres for more than 30 years. Over this time, HEIDENHAIN has continued to enhance its product range by incorporating new technology, but their basic operational technique remains the same. TNC contouring controls from HEIDENHAIN owe their success and wide acceptance to their shop-oriented programmability, compatibility with earlier programs, ease of use and their user friendly, plain language and conversational format.

The MANUALplus 620 from HEIDENHAIN is a contouring control developed specifically for CNC and cycle lathes. It also supports vertical lathes. The TNC 620 offers shop-oriented programmability with graphic support, many field-proven cycles and a familiar HEIDENHAIN operational design. The TNC 620 enables manual production of simple work, such as face milling, as well as form-supported and graphics-supported programming for more complicated workpieces. The powerful program works behind the scenes to present users with the same, easy, plain language format they expect and appreciate.